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HP’s WebOS, Ready for the “Angry Birds Enterprise”

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

HP has been pushing their WebOS pad computer as an enterprise ready tool.   Its all about the enterprise. But HP has an interesting concept of “enterprise” applications in pushing their WebOS based tablet offering:

What would, indeed, be incredible…  using Angry Birds as a front end to common enterprise applications, like CRM and ERP.   The trick is to find an appropriate data model that translates birds, pigs, and oddly fragile fortresses into customers, trouble tickets, and resolutions.

Another Stacking Comparison

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Here is another stacking comparison.   Here is the original S100fs 400 ISO, 4 sec. exposure.   Its pitch black.

After normalizing the histogram to push the exposure it amplifies the noise:

As youc an see, the Fuji noise reduction struggles to make sense of the inky image.   But this 100% crop, craptastic as it is, … oh heck, its terrible.   But stacking 10 of them gives a less craptastic image that is somewhat usable and demonstrates the utility of stacking.   Considering we are taking a noisy small sensor camera and pushing it 3 to 4 stops – this isn’t bad.

Its still a noisy mess, and the Fuji NR artifacts abound, we have improved the SNR to the point where stars are visible as well as some hot pixels ( the tiny white centered donuts.   But these can be removed via dark frame subtraction.