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Thursday, March 29th, 2012

My First Planet

Friday, March 9th, 2012

I’ve been playing with hugin to stitch together the dozens of frames for the Egner Memorial Chapel Stained Glass project.   During yesterday lunch I shot some material in the front lawn and turned it into a one of those “little planet” images.   Here is a screen capture from the preview dialog.   A quick hack….


OK, its terrible, and I’ve quickly learned a lot about what the input images need to be.    But still, pretty cool!  Next time, it will be AWESOME!   I’m already addicted to planetoids.

Update:   So after rendering this out, and “correcting” the flag in GIMP, and cloning out the tripod on the lawn and some other noodling, I ended up with this:

I consider this to be pretty respectable, considering the input images were not at all what they needed to be.   The above image is construced from 5 concentric rings of images, so as we get further out, the overlap issues an parallax issue get to be severe.

The proper way to shoot this is use a wider lens, as a 15mm ( this was shot at 24mm equiv ) an use a single band, ensuring anything architectural is in full fames.

Even so, the Haas building looks plausible, I salvaged the flag nicely, an at least its not egg shaped.




Egner Memorial Chapel Stained Glass

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

I got married in The Chapel and so it is somewhat special to me.   Its a more modern chapel, built in the 1920′s.   The stained glass work in the chapel is rather nice, and I think under appreciated.   So during break I have been starting work to create some high resolution panoramas:

The stitched image is about 125 megapixels.   The above image, to fit here, is about 5 megapixels, so 5x the resolution you are seeing above.  There are various image quality issues, but overall the results are rather nice, and certainly better than anything I could do with a single image from any affordable medium format camera.

With a better lens, like a 400mm APO of some sort, I could easily achieve resolutions perhaps 3x higher, or approximately equivalent to a 150 dpi scan of a 2 story tall object.