Outrageous, and Oddly Specific Fortunes

After an exhausting day of Christmas preparations, we went to our local Chinese Buffet for lunch.   Of course when the bill came, it was 60% higher than we have ever seen.  To enhance their customer’s experience, they made Sunday “Dinner All Day, Day” and so instead of the usual $8 or adults and $4 for kids, it was more like $13 and $7.   So after that little Ancient Chinese Secret spoiled the meal, I popped open my fortune cookie and got this:

Its like they know me.

I felt pretty stupid overpaying, that’s for sure.  But to have it confirmed in writing is entirely different.  The best part of the fortune is its ominous and universal nature.   The Greatest Danger… compared to cancer, global warming, nuclear winter… could be my stupidity.    Cool!

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