Its Perihelion Day!

The Earth’s slightly elliptical orbit means that we are about 3% closer to the Sun in January than in July.   Today the Earth will again be at its closest point to the Sun, aka perihelion.   The seasonal changes caused the earth tilted axis of rotation overshadows the slight difference in solar radiation ( about 7% ) due to our elliptical path around the Sun.   Last July, I took a shot of the sun and made this side by side comparison with one form today.

Shot With My Fuji S100fs + Welder's Glass Filter

My camera rig is not really up to the challenge of capturing fine detail of the solar disk.  But you can still make out a sun spot at about the 10 o’clock position.   I set the S100fs to maximum zoom and use the 2x digital zoom with a green welder’s glass filter.   Then color corrected to give the sun a more natural appearance.

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