Celebrating 40 years of Misspellings!

Circa 2010 chopstick wrapper….

For 40 years, this chopstick manufacturer has cranked out these ubiquitous Chinese bamboo utensils, every one of them with multiple spelling and grammar errors.   So after 40 years, perhaps its time to acknowledge their contribution to the vernacular.   They have given us new words, such as “tuk” “cultual” “glonous” “thurnb”  and  “tirst.”   So I say “thurnbs up” to these glonous additions to our language and cultual.

I like the quirky phonetic pronunciations  and graphical analogies.  For example,  “thurnb” where the rn looks enough like m that you might miss it.    It would be a sad day indeed to find these had been corrected, signaling that decades of subtle chopstick amusements had come to an end.

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