Another Stacking Comparison

Here is another stacking comparison.   Here is the original S100fs 400 ISO, 4 sec. exposure.   Its pitch black.

After normalizing the histogram to push the exposure it amplifies the noise:

As youc an see, the Fuji noise reduction struggles to make sense of the inky image.   But this 100% crop, craptastic as it is, … oh heck, its terrible.   But stacking 10 of them gives a less craptastic image that is somewhat usable and demonstrates the utility of stacking.   Considering we are taking a noisy small sensor camera and pushing it 3 to 4 stops – this isn’t bad.

Its still a noisy mess, and the Fuji NR artifacts abound, we have improved the SNR to the point where stars are visible as well as some hot pixels ( the tiny white centered donuts.   But these can be removed via dark frame subtraction.


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