Helioscope – Second Light

Finally got the sun and the helioscope together and has a few minutes to play and adjust.  Its FAR from a usable instrument.   But here are the preliminary results.   Here is the actual sunspot imagery from NASA’s hundred million dollar SOHO satellite.   It shows two “small” sun spots   This represents the best possible images one could hope to achieve.

OK, so here is the raw image, warts and all, projected on a screen outside.   So its washed out from ambient light, the screen itself is a piece of poster board which has seen better days.

You can see hints at something at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions, but with ambient light, CA, softness, etc. concealing the detail, its a hideous mess.   But with some image processing and rotating / flipping the image to match the NASA image, lo and behold:

So its “all there” but I need to address several optical defects.   Stopping down the lens did appear to help.   It increased contrast, sharpness, and addressed some of the more severe off axis aberrations.    A color filter may well help.   But the biggest issue was a stable mount.   Both tripods were terrible.   So I’m going to construct a base with some 4×4 posts.   The right is hard to adjust


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