Egner Memorial Chapel Stained Glass

I got married in The Chapel and so it is somewhat special to me.   Its a more modern chapel, built in the 1920′s.   The stained glass work in the chapel is rather nice, and I think under appreciated.   So during break I have been starting work to create some high resolution panoramas:

The stitched image is about 125 megapixels.   The above image, to fit here, is about 5 megapixels, so 5x the resolution you are seeing above.  There are various image quality issues, but overall the results are rather nice, and certainly better than anything I could do with a single image from any affordable medium format camera.

With a better lens, like a 400mm APO of some sort, I could easily achieve resolutions perhaps 3x higher, or approximately equivalent to a 150 dpi scan of a 2 story tall object.

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