My First Planet

I’ve been playing with hugin to stitch together the dozens of frames for the Egner Memorial Chapel Stained Glass project.   During yesterday lunch I shot some material in the front lawn and turned it into a one of those “little planet” images.   Here is a screen capture from the preview dialog.   A quick hack….


OK, its terrible, and I’ve quickly learned a lot about what the input images need to be.    But still, pretty cool!  Next time, it will be AWESOME!   I’m already addicted to planetoids.

Update:   So after rendering this out, and “correcting” the flag in GIMP, and cloning out the tripod on the lawn and some other noodling, I ended up with this:

I consider this to be pretty respectable, considering the input images were not at all what they needed to be.   The above image is construced from 5 concentric rings of images, so as we get further out, the overlap issues an parallax issue get to be severe.

The proper way to shoot this is use a wider lens, as a 15mm ( this was shot at 24mm equiv ) an use a single band, ensuring anything architectural is in full fames.

Even so, the Haas building looks plausible, I salvaged the flag nicely, an at least its not egg shaped.




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